Learning how to play a musical instrument requires daily effort and determination. 

Often, although one family member is taking lessons, the whole family is involved in daily practice, listening and attending music-related events.  This page is dedicated to celebrating the hard work of the Dojo students in their pursuit of musical excellence!

To conserve space, each guitarist is listed under the highest belt attained.  Guitarists currently studying at the Dojo are indicated in bold.

White Belt Guitarists:  One semester of guitar studies

Aden • Alec • Alex D. • Ari • Audrey • Bryce • Jacob • Jax • Kristen • Lukas • Natalee • Nellie • Vika • Wendolyn

Yellow Belt Guitarists: Book 1 Completed

Aedan • Alex O. • Bill • Carter • Dino • Ethan • Griffin • James • Josh • Julian • Lassen • Max

Green Belt Guitarists: Book 2 Completed

Annissa • Grady • Mason • Sten • Rebecca

Purple Belt Guitarists: Book 3 Completed

Jackson • Kristen • Sophia • Wiley

Brown Belt Guitarists: Book 4 Completed


Black Belt Guitarists: Book 5 Completed

Aidan • Amiah • Ava • Mary Ann

Institutes and Workshops Attended

Austin Suzuki Guitar Institute

Colorado Suzuki Institute

Denver Suzuki Summit

Durango Dalcroze Summer Workshop

Four Corners Music Teachers Association Young Artist Festival

Guitar Foundation of America Regional Symposium

Guitar Foundation of America National Convention

Nicolo Spera Masterclass

Student Awards and Recognition

Finalist/Performer in the GFA Regional Symposium

Music in the Mountains Scholarship