Suzuki Early Childhood Education Principles

Our music class is based on these ideas from the Suzuki Method:

Every child can learn

Ability develops early

Environment nurtures growth

Children learn from one another

Success breeds success

Parental involvement in education is critical

Encouragement is essential

Preparatory comments

Every class begins with some centering comments to help guide our experience.  In general, we cover the following points:

Children learn best in a calm learning environment.

We keep our focus on the activities by limiting our talking to each other and the children.

Through your enthusiastic participation you show your children your love of learning and music.

There is no pressure to perform!  If a child does not want a turn, they will have plenty of other chances to participate.

Be safe + have fun!  Enjoy this special time with your child!

GERMS!  Because we share the instruments, frequent hand washing is recommended.  All equipment is disinfected after every class.  Please stay home if you have any symptoms.


What parents say

"My child loves the books at the end [of class] and reading to herself."

"My daughter enjoys music class very much.  Her favorite songs are "Rain, Rain Go Away" and "Eency Weency Spider." At home, she likes to sing "Baa Baa Black Sheep."  She will grow up to be a talented musician, I'm sure."

"My infant son took advantage of the soothing music to take a little nap.  He woke up in time to enjoy the rain stick...he even played the drum today!"

In one child's first class her mother observed: "She sang, marched and played the xylophone and drums...she had fun!"

Sign up today

Fall 2018 16-week session: September 1 - December 15 (No class on 11/24 for Thanksgiving break)

Saturday 9:00-10:00

Class location: TBD

Class fees: Pay as led. Suggested donation is $10 per class.

Class guidelines:
Only one child may attend with each parent
Dress comfortably for sitting on the floor as well as moving around
Shoes must be removed for class
Class will be cancelled if fewer than 4 students regularly participate

The more you listen to the class recording, the more fun you and your child will have in class.  CDs are available for purchase or you can download the music here:

Week 1 playlist

Week 2 playlist