Suzuki Guitar Lessons

Suzuki music lessons provide a rich musical experience for families who are committed to participating in the best educational enrichments for their children.   The Suzuki method emphasizes character development.  Although many Suzuki students become fine musicians, our primary goal in Suzuki Education is to nurture sensitive hearts.

Being a parent is a tough job!  As the chief designer of your child's life, you must decide: Do you participate in lots of activities and skate over the surface of many topics?  Or do you select one or two topics and experience them deeply?  In the Suzuki learning community, we have great respect for parents who are making the tough choice of saying "no" to the wide variety of enrichment offerings and designing a simple, high-quality life for their child.  We see this as the healthier approach to after-school enrichments because it allows for plenty of down-time and results in relaxed, healthy and well-rounded families.

Here are our Studio Policies containing information about the most common questions regarding cost and program expectations.

For the 2017-2018 school year, the location for group classes and private lessons is The Quaker Meeting House, 803 County Road 233, Durango.


Group class

Group class is a unique experience for students and their parents.  In our weekly group class we work on many things including review pieces, ensemble playing, and music reading

The students have a chance to make life-long musical friends. Suzuki group class is a unique cooperative and supportive learning environment.

Parents enjoy group class because they have a chance to meet other Suzuki families and have fun watching their kids learn.


Private Lessons

Weekly private lessons develop student skills as soloists.  We work on individual goals and skills development.

Parents play an active role in private lessons.  As their child's home coach, parents carefully observe the lesson, take notes and ask questions.  Parents use their experience in the private lesson to shape daily practice at home.

Play-based learning is modeled in every lesson.  Because children learn best when they are having fun, it is important for parents to have a bag of tricks to make daily practice time enjoyable and productive!


Next steps

Signing up to participate in a Suzuki music program is a big decision and is not to be taken lightly.  Successful Suzuki families do this before committing to participate:

  • Observe private lessons and group classes
  • Listen to the Suzuki Book 1 recording.  Does this music appeal to you and your child? Download Suzuki Guitar Book 1
  • Attend a studio recital to check out what we are doing.  While at the recital, talk to Dojo families about their experiences.
  • Take lessons yourself!  One way to create a musical environment for your child is to study music yourself.